Our Courses
24 day Course
-The Professional Career Course-
This is the course you will need if your aim is to start your own grooming business. You will have 'hands- on' training from day 2 of the course on a wide variety of breeds and cross-breeds, and will be ready to get started with your own business by the end of the course. No other course will be needed as this course covers everything. This is our most popular course.

The Professional Career Course starts with the basic preparation skills as described on the Assistant Groomers Course and then goes further to cover all the skills and aspects of grooming which you will need to be able to groom all of the popular breeds which regularly visit a grooming salon.We will teach you how to use clippers to style a dog and set pattern lines. You will learn that, by choosing the right blade, you can do far more with clippers than just removing the coat. You will also learn how to handle scissors correctly and how to use scissors and thinning shears to create a style appropriate to the breed
This Intense course is designed for those who wish to follow a career path in the pet grooming industry.  Most suited to those that have a background in owning or caring for animals or have work lightly in animal care.  All aspects of the grooming industry will be covered.  Our aim is to give you a strong foundation to build your career on.

Please note that this course runs over an 8 week period 3 days a week or 12 weeks 2 day a week (days vary ) £3500.00

1 day groom your own dog/taster day

This course is suitable for pet owners who would like to learn how to groom their own dog. The course is also suitable as a taster day for those who are considering a career in dog grooming.
During the day pet owners will have the opportunity to groom their dog from start to finish. All equipment and overalls will be provided along with guidance notes relevant to the breed.
This course is available weekly.

​The cost of this course is £190.00


​city guilds level 2 plus grooming 

​This course is the same as the 24 day proffessional career course.
The only difference is it includes your city guilds level 2 qualification.
Course fee covers:-                                                                City & Guilds registration                                 
 Course books                                                                 Practical assessment   

Please note that this course runs over an 8 week period 3 days a week or 12 weeks 2 day a week (days vary ) 
​The cost of this course is £4600

ocn diploma in dog grooming
The Open College Network Level 3 is rated by OFQUAL as the same level as the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma, but it is a much more practically based course.
Students do not need to have any prior qualification before commencing on this course.
The course runs over 34 days and students will need to provide evidence of grooming 10 different dogs. 8 of these will be through photographic evidence and 2 will be conducted under independent examination.
Students will also complete the following units;
·       Welcome, receive and care for customers
·       Assess, plan and record dog grooming work
·       Health checking a dog by a dog groomer
·       Carry out styling and finishing of a dog
·       Promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of animals
·       Canine first aid.
There is no written examination.
Please note that this course runs over an 11 week period 3 days a week (days vary ) £3500.00
​The last day is your assessment day.
The cost of this course is £5600

​ocn and city guilds assessment only

The City & Guilds\OCN - Qualification Only' is suitable for those who are already working in the dog grooming industry and can demonstrate the necessary skills to undertake their qualification without any further training.
The 2 days are required for the setting of assignments, practical assessment and  theory exam. If additional styling days are required to prepare for the exam these will need to be booked separately and will be charged accordingly.
Course fee covers:-                                                                City & Guilds|OCN registration                                   Course books                                                                 Practical assessment   

The cost of this course is £950.00
OCN CanineFirst aid unit £99.00